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Who Is Evangelist Kenyatta in CHRIST ?

Kenyatta is a licensed, ordained Evangelist at the Ark of Love & Faith Ministry.  Kenyatta is a mother of 3 amazing children and Grandmother to a joyful grandson. She is a certified Christian Life Coach working for a non-profit organization, which is very much needed. I am also the CEO of Behind The Veil Life Coaching LLC.

In May of 2020, God asked me who I was In Him and it made me realize that I am more than a conqueror. Believing that I could do all things through Him because He has given me the strength to do so, to carry out His purpose and plan for my life. I was given a 19 day assignment to Re-Introduce myself and those days allowed me to grow a stronger and more intimate relationship with the Lord. Hallelujah! That is how the Re-Introduce Yourself Ministry was born!

Connecting jumping rope to the ministry was huge for me; it reminded me of my relationship with Him. I see it as God on one end of the rope and me at the other end. I believe if I stay connected to God I will not separate from Him, but when I start to disconnect from Him my rope starts to split in half which causes me to be further and further away from God.
So let me Re-Introduce myself
I am a Mother

* I am an Evangelist of God
* Sister/Cousin/Friend
* Life Coach

* I am an Author

* Entrepreneur
* Client Advocate


* I am more than a conqueror
* I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!


Who Is KeTionce in CHRIST ?
Hello my name is KeTionce , but my friends call me “Key” some of you all may know me as “Moochie.”

My mom often asks me, “who are you in Christ.” I use to tell her...

“umm I don’t know who I am".

However, I began to think of who I am and  how Christ made me out to be, now Christ is being carried in my life.

So now I know who I am in Christ!


*I am FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made in Him!

*I am SET APART from others!



* And most importantly, a BELIEVER!!

That is "WHO I AM In CHRIST!"

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